Make online reviews work for
your business

Our marketing platform provides a simple and inconspicuous way to encourage your current and past customers to review your business and leave positive feedback, on both major and industry-specific review sites that matter to you.

We make online reputation management easy.

Your past and current customers have to spread the good word to help you
grow your business. If you’re asking how, we can help.

Get positive online reviews on sites that matter

Getting the best reviews posible on websites your customers actually care about means turning online reputation management into revenue. The process of collecting reviews is continuous to make sure reviews are relevant and up to date.

Stream the best reviews

Nothing is more credible than the approval of an actual customer. That’s why you can integrate reviews into your website and distribute them to the social media too, in order to enhance visibility and bring even more customers for your business.

Monitor & Analyze

Keep track of your online reviews as they get published, learn more about your customers’ feedback and address issues immediately and privately. Our reporting suite provides an in-depth insights to help you make better business decisions with confidence.

Increase ranking on platforms that are key for your business

This review stream enhances your website’s SEO, improve rankings on sites relevant for your industry and direct quality traffic to your website too. The more positive reviews you have, the better your rankings will be in organic search results. Increased rankings also means it will be easier for customers to find you.

How good is your online reputation?

Why is online reputation
management important?

Today, in a world where user-generated content is a must and online interactions are standard – reputation management is vital to business success. With Reputano, you can  gain important insights into customer feedback trends, identify opinion leaders, engage with online communities and track the success of your business.

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Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7%
of purchasing decisions.
74% of consumers say that positive reviews make
them trust a local business more.
84% of people trust online reviews as much as a
personal recommendation.

Services & Plans

Let us take care of your online reputation. Simple, but robust – our platform helps you reach out to your customers, ask them about their experience, learn from their feedback and share the positive reviews across the web.

Proactive Reputation Building

Your customers, past and current, will be encouraged to leave a positive review by setting up continuous emails campaigns, with carefully selected and customized content.

Tracking and review alerts

We monitor online review sites, both general and specific, and alert you to new reviews posted on your business so you can respond and share positive ones.


Once a month, you will receive a report that offers an insight into your customer feedback, online reviews and more. Our experts are available to analyze this report and provide recommendations on how to even further improve your online reputation.


two pack


If you just want to kick the tires and get a quick boost on your online reviews.




per month


12 month subscription

One time setup fee: $500



per year


12 month subscription

Setup fee waived

SAVE 33%


How it works

As an integrated online reputation management platform, Reputano successfully helps businesses worldwide to acquire, record, maintain and share positive online reviews.

Email & SMS campaigns

We put all your customers in an email or SMS drip system, depending whether you can an email address or phone number of your customers. We carefully send out invitations to leave reviews and subtle reminders are sent automatically after a few days. We have found that the most effective way of reminding your customers to leave a review is to do 3 attempts within the span of 7 days.

Email Signature and/or

We provide a code that you can embed on your email signature that serves as a constant reminder and encourages customers you email back and forth to leave a review. You can also have a code that can be embedded on your website, that will have the same purpose.

QR Code

If you have a storefront, we can create a QR code you can display. This will allow your customers to leave you a review instantly.

We monitor reviews activity and reputational improvements after which we present outcomes in the form of a report.
Stream those positive reviews to your web pages or social media networks, to build a confidence in the quality of your business.
We identify, not only general reviews, but also key review platforms for your business specifically. You have an overview of your online reputation, ready to be managed all in one place.
The reviews for your business are generated by creating campaigns where we send emails, call and text your current and past customers.


Yes – we can run a full reputation report for free to see where you stand against your local competitors.

Online reputation management aims to improve how a brand is seen online, in order to improve the overall business performance.

Reputano is the best choice because we work your way, creating customized solutions that will be the right fit for your business requirements.

We do not offer a trial period but we offer a two-month plan in case you want to kick the tires or if you want a quick boost on your online reviews.

Our approach is unobtrusive and includes placing your customers on an email drip campaign where messages will appear as though it’s from you in order to engage them in the process of leaving a positive feedback.

We found it effective to send 3 to 5 email reminders on a specific time interval. The good practise is to send 3 email messages within 14 days.

Negative reviews cannot be deleted but we can boost up your average rating by burying your negative reviews with tons of positive reviews.

When it comes to online reviews, many organizations feel they can do it themselves. However, doing this type of back-end marketing requires a lot of skills, time and effort. Although you can do it yourself, you always have to stay on top of every email, every review and track each one manually. In most businesses, this is a full-time job for an experienced marketing or customer success professional.

After you sign up to a plan, we’ll reach out shortly with further instructions on the next steps.

Definitely! Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line at info@reputano.com.